quinta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2017

DXPatrol MK4 SDR

There is a new DXPatrol SDR, the Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver DXpatrol Mk4. Some new features:

    Direct Sample Mode *
    Very High performance Pre-amplifier +33dBm IP3*
    Font-end input antennas protection *
    Shielded Aluminum box *

     The direct sample mode is not a ready available configuration in gqrx or in GNURadio, in gqrx we must specify it:
    Go to file -> I/Q input and  in the device string field use "rtl=0,direct_samp=0" for VHF and up, and this is really the default, so it will work on VHF out of the box. For HF just use "rtl=0,direct_samp=3" this will enable the Q input in direct sample mode and select the correct antenna input. For convenience you can save two different profiles and load it as needed.

    gqrx and DXPatrol MK4 on VHF (FM Broadcast)

    gqrx and DXPatrol MK4 on the 40m ham band in direct sample mode

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